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For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

No matter what.

What do you think of when you hear that statement? Are there any ‘no matter what’s in your life? Hopefully, if you have a spouse and children, you love them no matter what. Maybe even a dog who poops in the house, but you love the animal no matter what.

Can you imagine someone who knows everything about you—your flaws, your weakness, your selfishness—and loves you anyway? Someone who looks deep inside, past all the filth, to see your true value.

God does that.

He loves you, no matter what. I hope you know and feel that inside, but just in case, let’s repeat. God loves you no matter what. No conditions, no prerequisites, no constraints. Even if you reject Him, He still loves you.

That’s a huge statement. He loves you, even if you run out on your family tomorrow. He loves you, even if you walk out the door and decide to kill someone. (But please don’t do those things, they break His heart). My point is, you can’t do anything to make Him love you less.

What about you? Can you say ‘no matter what’ to God? Tomorrow your wife or husband may walk out on you or someone you love might be killed. When those things happen, we question God. We doubt His love. But He’s already made the ‘no matter what’ commitment to us (see Romans 8:38-39 above). All He asks from us is the same in return.

Dear Lord, help us to have faith in You—no matter what. When bad things happen down here, we know You will make up for them a thousand times over in heaven. Give us the strength to return Your commitment to us with our own devotion to You. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Fun Science Fact

The treatment for gunshot wounds hasn’t changed in over a century—on limbs apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding, in the trunk of the body stuff gauze into the wound to curb the blood flow. A new syringe called the XStat could change all this. The syringe releases a mass of tiny sponges to the wound which immediately swell to stem the bleeding.

This is especially helpful for wounds to the pelvis or shoulder. Made from wood pulp coated with a blood-clotting antimicrobial substance derived from the shells of shrimp, the sponges can plug a wound in 15 seconds. The sponges are then removed manually at the hospital.

Blood sucking sponges. Makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of this before (even as a bad horror movie).

Note: I couldn’t find a picture to use for this post where I wouldn’t be infringing on copyright, so to see a picture of this on the RevMedX site, click here (warning: the first picture contains some blood).


Reference: “The Sponge Syringe That Seals Gunshot Wounds in Seconds,” Science Uncovered, 6, May 2014, p. 49.

Sloth: The Ultimate Conservationist

There are some animals that I have looked at and wondered why God created them. Mosquitoes and spiders come to mind. Maybe even termites or scorpions. And as far as larger animals go, the sloth has always made me raise my eyebrows. At the zoo, I’m lucky to see them move at all.

Turns out, God made them as the ultimate conservationist. What I would call lazy, they call a survival strategy. Sloths have a super-slow metabolism and actually spend most of their time asleep. When it’s awake, the sloth spends the day merely hanging there.

With all this inactivity, the sloth has about half the muscle mass of other animals of similar size—they weigh only 10 pounds on average. They also keep their body temperature about 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than other animals their size. This allows them to eat much less food than other mammals and still survive.

Sloths eat tough leaves, which are digested using symbiotic bacteria in their large, chambered stomachs. In their typical slow fashion, digestion can take up to a month. Once a week, they usually relieve themselves at the base of their home tree, sometimes as much as 2 pounds at a time. Now, that’s efficient.

I could stand to slow my life down a little, but I think I’ll let the sloth keep its title as the king of energy conservation. In His wisdom, God made the sloth more amazing than I ever thought—although I still have my questions about mosquitoes.

Reference: “When Sloth is Not Sin,” Answers, 6 (4), Oct-Dec 2011, p. 20.

Photo Credit: ID 31793217 © Vilainecrevette | Dreamstime.com


Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

John 17:3

Recently, a blog post from a friend of mine really made me think. She wrote about how to seek God when reading the Bible. Usually, I search for God’s will for me personally, but she also challenged her readers to read the Bible for less self-centered reasons. To learn more about who God is.

How many times have you read the Bible just to know more about God’s character? I’ll confess first: uh, not much. The conviction I felt after reading this post was deep and immediate. The God of the universe took the time to write down for me everything I will ever need to know about Him, but most of the time I read the Bible merely to find out how to spend my days–to find out how His word affects me.

If that’s all I focus on, I’m missing the point of the relationship. A relationship is by definition two-sided. I can live my life being the best Christian around, but if I don’t know Him, it would all be for nothing.

This is one area where an old saying applies: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” How well do you know Him?

Dear Lord, give me a fresh desire to understand Your character. Only in knowing You can we have the relationship You desire. The relationship that I need. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Fun Science Fact


Did you know that in 2012 a solar storm narrowly missed earth? A solar storm, otherwise known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) can fry satellites and affect power grids. A direct hit could have a catastrophic effect on the world’s power. As in, the power going out for months. Long enough that even the toilets would stop working since the water treatment plant runs on electricity.

Think the chances of this happening are slim? You might be right. I don’t tend to worry about doomsday scenarios myself. But then again, I get frustrated with a power outage that lasts overnight.

Reference: http://www.b.weather.com/video/nasa-2012-was-nearly-the-end-51731?

Photo Credit: ID 10814982 © Patrimonio Designs Limited | Dreamstime.com

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