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If I walk into an empty room and there’s a gigantic turtle sundae on the table, I’m going to eat it.

Really. I don’t care who made or where it came from, but I will sit down and enjoy every last bite. Only problem is that somebody did make it. And they probably won’t appreciate me scarfing down what they created. It was worth it, but later I’ll have to apologize for taking someone else’s ice cream, for using their creation to satisfy my own desires.

Many of us treat the Earth the same way. Like it’s our giant ice cream cone that appeared out of nowhere to fulfill our needs. Only problem is, Somebody created the earth and it’s a big Somebody.

If my tall husband were standing next to the turtle sundae telling me he made it, I’d be less likely to take it. Why? Because then I’d know to whom it belonged, plus he’s somebody I couldn’t easily elbow out of the way (although ice cream does make me a little dangerous).

My point is, when we think of the Earth as a cosmic accident—just one of many earth-like planets out there—it’s easy to abuse it and take what we want from it with no thought to the consequences. But when we understand who created this Earth (God) and how He lovingly formed each rock formation, each blade of grass, each ecosystem, we are overcome by awe.

No one except God saw the formation of the Earth. And He created it, not just so we would have a place to eat ice cream, but so we could cherish it like He does. How are you showing your respect and love for God by taking care of the Earth?

Photo Credit: ID 34523312 © Strat0caster | Dreamstime.com

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