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One stupid mistake could save Lucan’s soul…

Sixteen-year-old Lucan Milner is only trying to impress his twin brother, Chad, when he makes the stupidest decision of his life…and lands them both in juvenile hall. Inside juvie, Chad turns down a dark path, leaving Lucan to fend for himself. 

When Lucan is mistaken for Chad, he’s beaten within an inch of his life. In the infirmary, he’s visited by a pastor who preaches forgiveness, but as far as Lucan is concerned the score between them is now even, and he wants nothing more to do with Chad.  

Then, the warden asks Lucan to risk his life to help his twin. Although it would be easier to harden his heart, Lucan reluctantly agrees. But how far will he have to go to save his brother from self-destruction?



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