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Other than lie, cheat, steal or any other evil thing, I would never dare to say something is impossible for God to do. He can create or destroy at His discretion with simple words. The Bible says He spoke and created the entire universe, all out of nothing.

Does that sound a little familiar? Maybe you heard about it in astronomy class. They call it the Big Bang.

Although, I disagree with the timing astronomers give to the Big Bang and the order of creation (the Bible says God created the earth first), I think it’s interesting that astronomy points to the unexplainable (which is actually explained in the Bible). No astronomer around can tell you where the matter came from to create the Big Bang. If you ask, they’ll say it’s a mystery they have yet to unravel. In fact, for many astronomers this mystery keeps them going. I’m not surprised. The thought of discovering the origin of the universe is an intoxicating idea.

While I understand their motivation, trying to describe a supernatural act with natural laws leads to real problems. The Big Bang theory as it’s currently described has a major flaw. It violates the Law of Conservation of Mass (rightly called a law because we have never seen an example which violates this principle). This law says matter cannot be created or destroyed, although it may undergo changes in form. The fundamental premise of the Big Bang is that somehow matter was created, in a point smaller than a pin head, which then exploded. What created this matter? Again, that’s a mystery.

When even scientists have to draw on supernatural means to establish a theory, you can be pretty sure something supernatural happened.

What do you think? If you were an astronomer, how would you explain where matter came from?

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