Twenty-One Stones

Leap Limit Book #1

COMING APRIL 30, 2024!

A genius with a reckless streak. A risky scientific breakthrough. Is saving a life worth the cost?


Mars Lockporte lives for excitement. Brilliant but impatient, the quantum physics major chases each new blood-pumping high with the cockiness of an action hero. So when his best friend is murdered, the loyal adrenaline junkie doesn’t hesitate to use his untested invention to jump back in time and stop the killer… but instead ends up in the middle of the Civil War.


Scrambling to survive the Battle of Antietam, Mars is shocked to discover his foe’s distant ancestor is a male nurse patching up wounded Union soldiers. And with scant hours left before he’s returned to his own era, the bright young scientist fears his only opportunity to alter his friend’s deadly fate means destroying an innocent life.


Will Mars change history at the price of his soul?


Twenty-One Stones is the intriguing first book in the Leap Limit time-travel science fiction series. If you like smart but flawed heroes, historical backdrops, and facing difficult decisions, then you’ll love Janice Boekhoff’s fascinating what-if.


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