Science Fiction

Twenty-One Stones

Leap Limit Book #1

A genius with a reckless streak. A risky scientific breakthrough. Is saving a life worth the cost?

Mars Lockporte lives for excitement. Brilliant but impatient, the quantum physics major chases each new blood-pumping high with the cockiness of an action hero. So when his best friend is murdered, the loyal adrenaline junkie doesn’t hesitate to use his untested invention to jump back in time and stop the killer… but instead ends up in the middle of the Civil War.

Scrambling to survive the Battle of Antietam, Mars is shocked to discover his foe’s distant ancestor is a male nurse patching up wounded Union soldiers. And with scant hours left before he’s returned to his own era, the bright young scientist fears his only opportunity to alter his friend’s deadly fate means destroying an innocent life.

Will Mars change history at the price of his soul?

Twenty-One Stones is the intriguing first book in the Leap Limit time-travel science fiction series. If you like smart but flawed heroes, historical backdrops, and facing difficult decisions, then you’ll love Janice Boekhoff’s fascinating what-if.

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Deception Island by Author Janice Boekhoff
Extinction Island by Author Janice Boekhoff

Extinction Island

Jurassic Judgment Book #1

Dangerous Convicts. Deadly Dinosaurs. The secret encoded in her DNA lies between them …

Dedicated reptile expert Oakley Laveau loves the thrill of wrestling a ’gator. But her dream job at the swamp tour slips away when she’s charged with a crime she doesn’t remember: her best friend’s murder. Sentenced to life on a secluded isle, she’ll have to battle violent criminals and genetically modified dinosaurs to uncover the truth.

As soon as she steps on the island, she’s swept up by the charming leader of a gang of convicts and his dubious offer of protection. But it’s hard to heed his warnings when somewhere in the dino-infested rainforest hides a witness who knows the shocking facts behind Oakley’s amnesia.

Hunted by humans and beasts, can Oakley expose the truth before she meets a bloody end?

Deception Island

Jurassic Judgment Book #2

An island prison. Deadly dinosaur species. A daring escape.
Now it’s a race to find the truth before someone notices she’s gone …

Imprisoned on dinosaur-infested Costa Rica, Oakley Laveau is haunted by the desperate question of why her mother tried to kill her. When a dream hints at answers to her mysterious past, she’s determined to uncover the secrets of her manipulated DNA. Oakley boldly decides to flee and hunt down the truth at any price … even execution.

Slipping away from the island with the help of a loyal friend, headstrong Oakley makes it to a floating research lab. But with the FBI in pursuit and a smug scientist plotting to exploit her, she may find her newfound freedom is deadlier than the cage she fled.

Will Oakley’s determination to trace the clues of her past reveal a dangerous secret better left uncovered?

Deception Island is the tense second book in the Jurassic Judgment science fiction series. If you like genetically modified reptiles, savvy survivalists, and undercurrents of attraction, then you’ll love Janice Boekhoff’s thrilling story.​

Deception Island by Author Janice Boekhoff
Execution Island by Author Janice Boekhoff

Execution Island

Jurassic Judgment Book #3

Releases February 23, 2023

A rogue FBI agent. Her brother in jeopardy. A deadly stalking dinosaur.
No matter who she tries to save, death is waiting in the jungle …

Execution Island is the tense final book in the Jurassic Judgment science fiction series. If you like genetically modified reptiles, savvy survivalists, and undercurrents of attraction, then you’ll love Janice Boekhoff’s thrilling story.​

Christian Suspense


Earth Hunters Book #1

Desperate to save her family’s gold mine, Elery Hearst gives an order that results in the tragic death of one of her men. But before she can come to terms with the guilt consuming her, her brother disappears. To find him, she must find the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine. And the one person who can help, Lucan Milner, has every reason to want her to fail; he’s the twin brother of the miner who died. He holds the secret to finding Elery’s brother, but sharing it with her not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer.

Crevice by Author Janice Boekhoff
Created by Author Janice Boekhoff


Earth Hunters Book #2

After his sister’s death sends him into the loving arms of God, Paleontology Professor Travis Perego fights to reconcile the career he’s devoted his life to with his fragile new faith. His struggle between evolutionary theory and the Bible soon attracts the attention of the dean who makes at least one thing clear in Travis’s life. If he doesn’t figure things out soon, he’s fired.

Then a former student tells him of an experiment designed to prove evolution true. Could it be possible to retrace the path of evolution through bird DNA—to reverse engineer a dinosaur? If so, Travis could finally get answers to the questions plaguing his thoughts and threatening his career.

Desperate to know if the experiment succeeded, Travis searches the jungles of Costa Rica for the missing biology professor and the mysterious creature he created. On the hunt to find them, Travis meets Lenaia, a woman with her own reasons to search for the creature. Though both have secrets, Travis and Lenaia agree to work together before their chances of finding the creature—and the truth—evaporate into the thick jungle mist.


Earth Hunters Book #3

The men around Volcanologist Lenaia Talavera have a habit of dying. As she struggles to process the tragedies, she pulls away from God and her boyfriend, Paleontologist Travis Perego. So when she’s called back to Mt. Rainier and the small town of Mayim to investigate an act of sabotage, she jumps at the chance to avoid her problems and solve the puzzle. Someone on the mountain has tampered with the early warning system for rising magma, but who would want to risk an eruption that could kill an entire town?

Lenaia soon discovers that two women from town have disappeared. When she finds one of them dead on the mountain, she suspects the murder is related to the sabotage.

As she digs deeper, the evidence leads her to a deserted part of the mountain and an explosive secret. Unsure of who to trust and with time running out, Lenaia must stop a deadly plan before a killer buries the town of Mayim in a cascade of evil.

Cascade by Author Janice Boekhoff
Gem Hunter by Author Janice Boekhoff

Gem Hunter: A Novella

The only thing more dangerous than what she found is what he plans to do with it.

Gem hunter Alyna Elkins is determined to prove her beloved father didn’t waste his life on a fruitless dream. Only days away from running out of the money needed to continue her father’s archeological research, Alyna’s prayers are seemingly answered when she discovers a buried box of rare gemstones valuable enough to fund her work for an entire year. But Alyna soon finds out there are others on Mt. Pasaqua–with darker motivations–hunting for her treasure.

After running an illegal errand for his brother, Ruger Westmoreland spent four years in prison. When Ruger realizes his brother has committed a far worse crime than he ever imagined, he races to uncover the truth buried on Mt. Pasaqua before his brother can destroy the proof of what really happened to their mother. But Ruger didn’t count on fiery Alyna finding the gems first.

Refusing to let the handsome stranger steal the treasure, Alyna stands her ground until Ruger finally convinces her the gems are evidence of a terrible secret. But when she demands they contact the sheriff, Ruger kidnaps her, forcing Alyna to ask a grim question that could have deadly consequences–which brother is more dangerous?