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Science Fiction

Extinction Island (Jurassic Judgment Book 1)
Coming September 20, 2020


Extinction Island Discussion Questions (pdf)

FAQs–Frequently Asked Author Questions (pdf)

Dinosaur Fun Facts (pdf)




Red Grizzly Front

Camocroc Front

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Utahraptor Postcard Downloadable (pdf)

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Note: For more extras like character dossiers, more postcards, and fun facts about the series, see the secret Jurassic Judgment Junkie page accessible only from the back of any Jurassic Judgment book (both print and e-books).

Deception Island (Jurassic Judgment Book 2)

Coming in 2021!


Christian Suspense

Crevice (Earth Hunters Book 1)

Crevice by author Janice Boekhoff


Crevice Discussion Questions

Crevice Character Descriptions

Character Inspiration Photos

Created (Earth Hunters Book 2)

Created by author Janice Boekhoff


Character Inspiration Photos

Created Discussion Questions

Cascade (Earth Hunters Book 3)

Cascade by author Janice Boekhoff


Character Inspiration Photos

Cascade Discussion Questions