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I’m a former research geologist turned stay-at-home mom turned author. I write suspense novels from eastern Iowa where the humidity does horrible things to my hair in the summer and in the winter I’m bundled up like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. Good thing I’m hidden behind a computer most of the time anyway. 

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Also, I’d love to talk to you (because I can get seriously socially deprived when I’m writing all day), so please connect with me at janice@janiceboekhoff.com or visit my Facebook author page.





Earth Hunters Book 3 is available now!

Order your copy of Cascade today (click here)!

I’m so excited to share this romantic suspense story set on Mt. Rainier in Washington State! 





If you missed the start of the series, order your copy of

Book 1 Earth Hunters


For more information see the Books page above or click here!




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