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Crevice (Earth Hunters Book 1)

Desperate to save her family’s struggling gold mine, Elery Hearst orders her crew to dig a new tunnel in a last-ditch effort to intersect the original gold vein. Rather than saving her legacy, however, the tunnel collapses, killing one of her men. Initial reports blame the tragedy on faulty equipment—an old machine Elery should have replaced.

Before she can come to terms with the guilt and regret consuming her, Elery’s brother disappears in search of the Lost Dutchman, a legendary mine of vast riches, and what he believes to be the solution to his family’s grave financial situation. To find her brother, Elery must now ask for help from the one man she’d rather avoid—Lucan Milner, the twin brother of the miner who died in the collapse.

Still struggling with the loss of his only brother, rescue tracker Lucan Milner reluctantly agrees to help with the search. But when Elery insists on coming along, her presence forces his emotions to the surface. How can God expect him to forgive her?

Then, Lucan’s tracking dog is injured, bringing the search to a halt. Lucan and Elery realize the only way to find her brother is to find the Lost Dutchman Mine. And Lucan holds the secret that can help—journal pages written by the Dutchman himself.

But sharing them with Elery not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer. In these deserted mountains, they aren’t the only ones desperate to find the lost mine.


Future Books in the Earth Hunters Series


Created (Earth Hunters Book 2)

Paleontology Professor Travis Perego has spent his whole life studying dinosaurs and his entire career teaching evolution. But when his sister’s death leads him into the arms of a loving God, his worldview is transformed. Now, he struggles with the conflict between evolutionary theory and the Bible. And if he doesn’t figure it out soon, the dean of the department will fire him.

When Travis discovers a biology professor is trying to prove evolution true, he is desperate to know if the biologist succeeded. Could this man have found a way to retrace the path of evolution in bird DNA—in essence, reverse engineering a dinosaur?

Before Travis can find out, the professor disappears, along with a mysterious creature from his lab. Travis follows them into the jungles of Costa Rica, where his quest for answers threatens to cost him his life.


Cascade (Earth Hunters Book 3)

Volcanologist Lenaia Talavera is called back to Mt. Rainier and the small town of Mayim to investigate problems with the monitoring equipment. She quickly discovers the equipment—an early warning system for rising magma—has been sabotaged. But who would want to risk an eruption?

During her quest to find the saboteur, two women from the area disappear and her search intensifies. Could the sabotage and the missing women be related?

Desperate to find answers and save innocent lives, Lenaia follows the evidence up the mountain, where she uncovers a sinister plan. But time is running out. Can she stop the killer before he buries her and the little town of Mayim in a cascade of evil?

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